Designed by Events Business Professionals

We know what you want - SuperScreen has been specially designed by people in the events business for people in the events business.

Designed by professionalsSuperScreen is produced by some of the best technicians and artisans in the industry. It's built to last for years.

SuperScreen is designed using custom software and inflatable-specific technologies. We're constantly working to improve the design.

SuperScreen pattern pieces are sent to a state-of-the-art, computer-controlled cutting table. The computer precisely marks and cuts the patterns. This meticulous process ensures each SuperScreen meets exacting standards.

SuperScreen sewers are highly skilled, specially trained in sewing inflatable products, and have many years of industrial sewing experience. Every seam is stitched using a heavy-duty, coated, UV-resistant, polyester thread.

Seams requiring added strength are reinforced with nylon webbing. This detailed attention results in an incredibly durable, precisely aligned, smooth and well-constructed inflatable.

SuperScreen Pro & Jr utilize a specially designed epoxy-coated perforated mesh screen that provides bright, high-resolution viewing.

SuperScreen’s electronics package uses road-tested, extremely durable and rugged video projection, video playback and audio components.


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