SuperScreen™ is the super-size, super-fun inflatable movie screen.

If you are looking for a professional movie theater experience, SuperScreen is the answer. Quick to set up and easy to use outdoors or indoors, SuperScreenT Professional, SuperScreen Jr.T and our new Mini enable you to stage the movie or billboard of your choice anywhere without the use of scaffolding or any other hard construction!

Easy to transport!
All SuperScreen commercial models are packaged in a molded plastic container ready for shipping or storage. The LT a ground shippable duffle bag.

Easy to set-up!

SuperScreen Pro and Jr. set up in as little as 60 minutes. Just lay out the ground cloth, unroll the vinyl frame, attach the screen, secure the blower and inflate your screen. Once you've anchored the tie-down straps, you're set and ready to go. Take down is equally easy. Just open the zippers to deflate and roll up.

The Mini and LT require 15 minutes to set up completely. It is as simple as 1, 2, 3.

Show any movie format!
All SuperScreen models are 16/9 HD widescreen format. This is unlike many other products that use 4/3 ratio or regular viewing image. You can watch your 4/3 movies on our widescreen, but SuperScreen gives you the benefit of a true enhanced image. Your audience can also enjoy live video, computer graphics, TV, laser or lighting shows when they are projected onto the screen. SuperScreen utilizes a specially designed projection screen that provides bright, high-resolution viewing.

Accommodate any size audience!
SuperScreen is perfect for audiences from 50 to 1,500. SuperScreen can be used anywhere indoors or out - the park, HOA events, golf course, schools, beach, gym, even a parking lot.

Recognize sponsors with banners!
The SuperScreen Pro frame has over 250 square feet (170 square feet on Jr. and 24 square feet with Mini) of promotional banner space. Promotional banners are secured using the pre-attached Velcro™ strips. We are the only product that comes standard with the capability of sponsor banners using Velcro™.

Use SuperScreen as a billboard!
For special events, temporary signage or advertising opportunities, replace the Pro and Jr. screen with banner or mesh billboard material. Simple attachment has been designed into the frames. This outdoor billboard feature makes your purchase or rental even more productive and economic: billboard during the day, movie at night.

Safe and professionally manufactured for strength!
The SuperScreen Pro, Jr. and Mini are constructed of super-tough  vinyl to withstand winds up to 12 mph. Just anchor at the double-stitched D-rings, secure the tie-down straps to the auger ground stakes and snitch up the tension. Every seam is stitched using a heavy-duty coated UV-resistant polyester thread. Seams requiring added strength are reinforced with nylon webbing.

SuperScreen is turnkey!
You don't have to worry about a thing! Optional packages include a super-bright and powerful projectors and a booming theater-quality sound system with speakers, sub-woofer, wireless microphone and audio mixer. You can also choose the playback device of your choice including DVD, VHS or S-VHS. 
Packages are available for purchase, season rental or lease.

Who needs SuperScreen?
People just like you - people who want to have high-quality outdoor events, invented SuperScreen. Golf courses, parks and recreation departments, Special events, auto dealerships, non-profits, HOA's, neighborhood associations, schools, event producers and A/V production are just a few of our customers who have produced successful events using SuperScreen.

Does SuperScreen have any customer or marketing programs?
Yes. We have one of the most aggressive and comprehensive channel programs available. Fastlane can provide a variety of finished artwork, marketing kits, ready to go movie programs and national advertising campaigns. Our Marketing representative would be happy to help with our innovative programs.

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