SuperScreen SuperEvent Movie Series Kit: Included With Any Commercial Purchase

SuperScreen events will energize your membership, community, friends and family as you gather for good ol' fashioned movies and more! Our three sizes, designed to meet everyone's needs and budgets, make it easy to stage your favorite outdoor (or indoor!) movie series.

With your Commercial purchase of SuperScreen, you get our ready-to-go SuperEvent "How To" Event Creation and Marketing Kit. This easy-to-use resource, developed by event and marketing professionals, is based on past SuperScreen success and includes:

  • Ideas*Ideas*Ideas: Case Studies in SuperScreen Success and Idea Starters
  • Key Elements to Movie Series Success Checklist
    • Comments about insurance
  • Sample planning materials including:
    • Possible goals and measurements of success
    • Budget elements and sources of revenue
    • Sample local movie series sponsorship pitch
    • General comments about local sponsors
    • Sample booth/vendor materials
  • Ideas for marketing and public relations
  • Sample event script
  • Photos, illustrations and graphics from our library for you to use
  • Referrals for printing, giveaways and ideas
  • Tips and sample agreements for renting your SuperScreen

Idea Starters for SuperScreen Events

Idea Starter: Corporate Appreciation Event Series

How do you say thank you?? Why not create timely movie events for your employees??

Idea: Thank you are the two most important words in building a team. Families are so crazy busy and traditional theater movies can be costly. Why not thanks your employees with a free family movie night? Or maybe the movies are staged as a "study break" for the workforce and the titles can be developed into fun themes?? SuperScreen turns any company lawn into the movie theatre, just bring the refreshments and say Thank You!

Idea Starter: Fund and Friend Raising with Movies..Donor Nights

How do you thank your key donors? How do you have a "friend raiser" and meet new potential supporters??

Idea: Charities need the new BIG IDEA! Everybody has the same 'ol fundraisers and the world is FULL of golf tournaments, lunches and gala balls..... Why not create a movie series as a fund raiser or "friend raiser"? Just pick a great flick and create a fun theme...then have every donor/volunteer invite a new potential donor/volunteer. Take a minute to thank the current supporters and show the potential new folks how GREAT your organization is and how well you appreciate your supporters. Make the movie FREE but add the appeal at the end. SuperScreen is your partner for funs and friends!

Idea Starter: Consumer Education with Style!!

How do you educate about water conservation, healthy lifestyle choices or even high-speed internet service? How do you reach consumers with a WOW and while you have their attention...profile your organization?

Idea: Let SuperScreen be your secret weapon for education with style!! Gone are boring speeches with an overhead projector and some handouts. Celebrate your messages on the BIG SCREEN and show video, PowerPoint and your real TV ad campaign. Add the entertainment of a popular movie and your targeted consumer "strangers" will be your new friends. Then give them the handouts as they leave after a night or day of SuperScreen super education!

Idea Starter: Sponsorship Outreach with Style!!

Where is your maximum brand exposure? Where are your target markets and how do you reach them in style?

Idea: Take it to the neighborhoods with SuperScreen Mini! We designed our new SuperScreen Mini to be the best friend of speakers, marketers and neighborhood programmers who want fun on the run! Its compact size and fast set up make it just right for any pool, gym or park, and the WOW factor of SuperScreen just ads to the fun! Showcase your product/service then entertain ANYWHERE. Meet those consumers on their turf and WOW them with poWOWerful information and action-packed good times. Make your mark with SuperScreen Mini!

Idea Starter: Screen on the Green Golf Course Promotion

What new event does your Country Club have to entertain the members? What summer fun can you cook up to showcase everything from golf lessons to the new menu?

Idea: How about a SuperScreen on the Green, the golf green that is, as a fun and festive summer event series. What a chance to really enjoy those golf favorites like Caddy Shack and Bobby Jones Stroke of Genius with the backdrop of your own golf course. Use movie nights as membership recruitment, volunteer thank yous or just fun! Add some giveaways of golf lessons, sportswear and prize tee times, and you have a golf promotion ready to ROCK! Now include the Club's catering and you share the fun with everyone!

Idea Starter: Neighborhood Pool Movie Nights.....Jaws and more!!

What does your homeowners association host for family fun? Have you seen Jaws.......from the pool?

Idea: Bring your inner tubes and be ready to float as you enjoy SuperScreen neighborhood pool movie nights. Affordable for any size organization, SuperScreen Mini is easy to won and enjoy. Any volunteer can set up the screen and depending on your layout, most desktop projectors will do the trick. Add a sound system, some theme decorations and pitch in the fun is on the way!

Idea Starter: Holiday Theme Event Ideas

What is a new way to celebrate? What movies capture the season and holiday spirit and bring together family and friends to celebrate and share?

Idea: Choose the best of the best holiday favorites and build your own holiday event celebration.What love story fits the Valentines Day event? What patriotic movie best illustrates our freedom? What scary décor can augment a good Halloween flick (or the Halloween flick?!) And what is December without the Miracle on 34th Street or the Grinch?? Your SuperScreen will always be your WOW partner in events for you or those who might rent from you. Choose a holiday, pick your flick and on to some fun!

SuperScreen Success Stories and Idea Starters are the property of SuperScreen and are for use by the authorized client network. © 2004 SuperScreen LLC.

 How Does SuperScreen Work For Me?

SuperScreen is your secret weapon for success. Our three sizes will work for any event. Let us help you develop your next great idea!

Parks & Recreation Centers, Community Centers, Downtowns and Homeowners' Associations: Serve Your Guests With STYLE!
  • Set up SuperScreen and create a theme-movie series: family, classics, spooky or comedy!
  • Bring people to your park, community or center
  • Use SuperScreen the day of the show as a site-marker daytime billboard
  • Sponsors will be heroes; put up their banners to show their support!
  • Create a "buzz" with fun, family events

Schools, churches, charities/non-profits, fraternities/sororities, clubs and backyard fun: Make Fundraising FUN!
  • Everybody loves a great outdoor movie night and SuperScreen makes it easy
  • Fit your event location perfectly using Professional, Junior or the new Mini size
  • Sell concessions, rent chairs and blankets and even bug spray for extra $$
  • Offer other fun "movie" toys: flashlights, glow stickers or necklaces
  • Add a raffle or auction and bring in the funds!

Event Planners, Producers and Managers: Create Your Own New Business!
  • No more waiting for bids: Start your OWN outdoor film festival
  • Choose a venue that wants to market and outreach; make them your first sponsor
  • Book a series of nights for an on-going outdoor cinema series; add theme props, early evening entertainment and fun foods and beverages
  • Consider even a laser show! It works GREAT on SuperScreen!
  • Market, market, market! Partner with a radio/TV station or newspaper to get out the word
  • Recruit sponsors to cover the up-front costs and GO! GO! GO!

Corporate Planners, Destination Managers, and Incentive Houses: Corporate "theater" With WOW!
  • "Drive-In" Movie Nights: A theme event that always works!
  • Use the daytime billboard feature to add to your theme and communicate the movie event
  • Match the theme and decor to the movie: From HOT to fun, scary to hilarious: YOU can use your creativity to make it work! Try SuperScreen on the Green at your favorite golf course!
  • Bring in lawn chairs, recliners, couches or even cars!
  • Add your fun, food and beverages and have a winner every time!

Fairs, Festivals, Conventions and Sporting Events: SuperScreen ALL DAY and NIGHT!

  • Create a SuperScreen billboard for outdoor advertising and pre-event promotions; take it around town with your radio sponsor and do ticket giveaways, sign-ups and sponsor exposure
  • Use the billboard in the daytime at your sign-in area, as a site map or sponsor thank-you
  • Reward the daytime guests with a nighttime celebration and relaxing movie or laser show
  • Keep up the sponsor banners and extend sponsor benefits

Brand Managers, Promotional Marketing Companies, Sales Teams: BIG IMPACT GRAPHICS = Big Brand IMPACT!
  • Portable and easy-to-use, take your brand on the road TODAY as a SuperScreen billboard!
  • Use as a backdrop by day and show your commercials by night
  • Sponsor a movie series and match your target audience
  • Flexible and easy to move; fits easily in a mobile marketing vehicle

Car Dealers, Retailers or ANYONE with a message: Better than a traditional's SuperScreen!

  • Huge in size; easy to move and HUGE IMPACT!
  • Contact us today to let SuperScreen work for YOU

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