Superscreen Pro:  

EZ REC A/V Package:  

A/V & SuperScreen PRO Combo:   






SuperScreen Pro Purchase Includes:

- Inflatable Unit and Screen
- All Hardware and Rigging Needs
(straps, auger stakes and carribeaners)
- Ground Fault Interrupter Cable
- Heavy Duty Cases for Storage with Cordura Bags for Frame & Screen
- 2 Year Warranty
- “How to” Event Marketing Kit with "Idea Starters"

Overview of Pro:

- Frame: 24' tall x 36' wide x 6 ‘ deep
- Image: Perforated, seamed screen in 16:9 ratio
- 250 feet of sponsorship space around perimeter of frame using built-in velcro
- Cordura base and nylon webbing seams
- Clip system for simple and quick screen and billboard installation

PRO Audio Visual:



- -  

-       -

    EZ REC. A/V Package: 
  • 6500 lumen Sanyo commercial series projector with hard flight case
  • Long lens to allow the projector to be at the rear of the audience
  • Stand for projector with adjustable legs
  • AV hook up cables including custom 100’ audio snake and all electric cable/adapters
  • A/V console with dual DVD players, high quality audio mixer, flight case and microphone
  • Audio Speaker System which includes 2-15” Powered Speakers, stands and hard flight case with wheels
  • All factory warranty information
  • 100% plug and play, completely assembled and ready to go on delivery
  • Color coding and labeled system for easy of operation
  • Simple operation.  (Takes minutes to set up and dismantle)
  • Video movie instructions included
  • S ubwoofer system is available with hard flight case

      SuperScreen is made to work in a dark or evening environment

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